November 4, 2019

What insights emerged from my material exploration so far?

I think my biggest insight this week isn’t about the material itself but about how I’m thinking about the project. I have an idea that I want to bring to life. And it’s causing me to be stuck in how I look at this exploration. So…I need to start experimenting trusting that the effort will open my mind to some different possibilities. Clement has been great at offering suggestions that are way beyond what I would have explored myself. Using RGB LEDs to cast shadows or other colors on objects seems like a fascinating way to convey information. Now just to blow the doors off this exploration and start coming up with some questions.

Some that have come to mind so far…

  • How might shadows convey information (or lack of a color in an area of shadow)?
  • How can I push the aesthetic of this project to come up with interesting artifacts?
  • Does this light exploration matter for small objects or big objects. Does it scale?
  • How does positioning of separate colors add to information conveyance?
  • Does distance affect information conveyance as well?