Final Project Proposal: Postcard Generator

I really like the design aesthetic of the Depression-era National Parks posters. With posterized layouts, bright and coordinated color schemes and simple messages, it’s a wonder these treasures were ever lost.

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab created their own set of exploration posters based on the same concepts. I think they are fun and gorgeous.

So, building on the lovely result I created in Design Challenge 6, a Milky Way natural scene, my final project will focus on an interactive retro-looking postcard generator with the National Solar Observatory’s Inouye Solar Telescope as the main attraction. Built in Javascript and using a web interface (for both desktop and mobile), users will choose their sky, with night sky, solar eclipse, magnetic field and other sun options, their telescope, a fun fact or other description and a size, either poster or postcard. Users can choose a randomly generated scene or build their own. Simple choices will dominate this application. Users can email the result or share on social media. This will be a great attraction at our booth at the American Astronomical Society meeting in January.