Use p5.js and Objects/Classes to create a basic interactive game.

*You have the option of working with a partner on this Design Challenge!


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Your camel is burning across the desert sands. So starts the game Camel. You have just escaped from natives and you must travel 200 miles across the scorching Gobi Desert to be rid of them. But you’ve stolen their favorite camel and they want it back. You have a 20 mile headstart and only three drinks in your canteen. I’m obsessed with this game. I was introduced to it in about 1980. It was a class project using a programming language called BASIC. The code is findable online but is littered with deadends and unused or unsensical variables. So I refactored it for HTML and Javascript. I created some graphics to aid in gameplay. It was surprisingly harder to code than I expected but going on mostly memory, I simplified it for now and kept it a text-based game. In all this time, I’ve never won; I’ve never even made it 100 miles before succumbing to the desert or the natives. It has the potential now to be a mobile app or even better an Alexa game skill. I think it’s also usable as a storytelling tool for children. Imagine expanding the story to Hoth where you are using a Taun-taun to escape the Wompas, or other sci-fi and fantasy stories.