Use p5.js (Links to an external site.) to create an interactive portrait of your partner. Turn in a link to your finished sketch as well as one-minute video that documents your thought process behind your solution. Use the online editor (Links to an external site.).

Things to consider:

  • What are the conventions of portraiture (e.g. typically visual, painted or drawn, a certain orientation and proportion, certain distance from the subject)? Where did those conventions come from? How can you critique or subvert those conventions with your portrait?
  • How does the media/technology influence the portrait? What affordances of programming / code might you be able to use to your advantage?
  • To get philosophical, what does it mean to make a portrait? How do define a person or identity? 


Link to Design Challenge 1 Sketch

Creative Challenge Explanation:

A portrait is a glimpse of an individual captured in time. In this medium, I decided on a combination of visuals, text and music would portray Isaac.

I wanted to create a visual/musical portrait of Isaac Kim based on his interests particularly experimental jazz guitar. The idea started with several grid layouts before finally settling on a first name on top line, last name on second line approach. I thought maybe the letter would help with the interactive nature of the app. You just type the letters of his name to show the pictures and text. A chord plays as well. The original idea was to have a random guitar lick play but the intricacies of timing and notes as well as a complete lack of musicality in the results I originally obtained led me to just creating chords with the polyphonic library of Tone. A random but appealing rhythm also escaped my programming originally. Was still fun to explore this line of research in jazz, music and p5.js. There’s alot there.




Design Sketches