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30 years of Writing,
Design and Development Experience

I am a creator.

Whether it’s an article about space, a website, a WordPress plugin, a photograph, a poem…I cannot imagine a life without the simple act of breathing life to something new.

Originally, I wanted to be an astronomer. The sky fascinates me. I was hooked at aged eight — the moment I first realized the fuzzy patch beneath the Belt of Orion is a stellar nursery; the birthplace of stars.

I used to sit back in the grass as a kid and watch a few satellites fly over. I learned all the constellations and I fell in love with the stories other people made up about the sky. We used to make up our own stories. Then it became a love of astronomy and sharing the excitement with my parents who didn’t know alot of science. I really wanted to be the next Carl Sagan and take them into the Universe to help them learn more.

In college I discovered writing. Instead of an astronomy degree, I became a journalist and graduated from the University of Kansas with a science writing degree. I became a newspaper editor and eventually published articles in Astronomy, Earth, Final Frontier, Air & Space Smithsonian and others.

While working as an editor, my front pages began winning awards. I was promoted to graphics editor; responsible for all infographics and feature sections. Eventually, I became art director for an alternative newsweekly and then the designer for five monthly publications at a Kansas City publisher.

All along the way, I dabbled with computers; programming in BASIC and database programs. Then I discovered HTML and built my first website in 1994. I tricked out JavaScript to build menu rollovers and dropdowns for various clients. I sold companies I worked for on the promise of the internet. And I haven’t turned back.

In 1998, I became the internet marketer for Space Imaging (now DigitalGlobe), the world’s largest provider of satellite imagery (think Google Maps). I designed their website, created their online features, built a content management system using ASP Classic and an Access database, animated features with Flash, wrote for a rough-and-tumble blog, while guiding search engine optimization and online marketing.

In 2007, I struck out as a freelancer and entrepreneur. I help companies connect with storytelling and design. Great design is matched by great coding and great content. I strive to bring imagination to my projects creating websites and rich internet applications viewers love to explore. I continued designing graphics for clients who needed thoughtful solutions to their needs. I created award-winning websites, an award-winning science game. And I re-engaged as a science writer for several blogs.    

In 2008, while trying to create a blog application for a client, I discovered WordPress. Since then, I’ve created dozens of innovative websites on this platform; helping clients write outstanding content, creating pixel perfect templates based on designs provided by other designers, adjusting CSS to make it all look just right and writing plugins to creatively solve a need.

In 2013, I became web developer for Backpacker magazine and a fleet of outdoor-related websites. Today, I create web applications (usually imagery or astronomy related) written in WordPress or just PHP and JavaScript. I build apps for mobile devices.

I especially enjoy creating. Anything. Let’s connect and get started on our next project together.