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Design Challenge 6: Nature of Code

Download Processing Sketch zip For Design Challenge 6, Nature of Code, I considered a few things, such as creating a low-poly mountain texture and constellations but I eventually settled on recreating these cool National Park Milky Way skyscapes from Tyler Nordgren...

Design Challenge 5

Download the code For Design Challenge 5, change a sprite in Unity code, I went with an transformation using the ATLAS "A". I exported all the As I could find from Clement's github email signature generator. I added the sprites to the library under Resources. Then...

Design Challenge 4

Download the sketch Play the game Your camel is burning across the desert sands. So starts the game Camel. You have just escaped from natives and you must travel 200 miles across the scorching Gobi Desert to be rid of them. But you've stolen their favorite camel and...