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MapPOD application is no longer available online. The purpose of this application was to create an easy-to-use display and purchase mechanism for Space Imaging/GeoEye. Initially, the Flash based RIA used a REST call from ESRI to display the map information at a pre-determined resolution. Because of YahooMap's Flash API, maps could also be drawn from that source. Area of interest could come from a simple latitude/longitude input or placename data could be populated into dropdown selections from a PHP/MySQL call or an XML file.

What follows is a diagram of the application's flow; a step through the process.

Once the location is known, an image listing was triggered using a web service created by Space Imaging/GeoEye. The query was simply to provide imagery that intersected the area of interest and was sorted by cloud cover and date.

A user could then select an image from the left list and it would be sized, projected and masked for placment on the center map.

The user also could select tabs to view the image in better detail or they could view image details such as cloud cover, azimuth, and other elements collected by the satellite.

Using a lookup table, prices could be assigned when a user moved an image into the cart. We were just one step away from credit card purchasing and orders into a production facility.

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